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2024 St. Ignatius/GWAC Softball Tournament


  • 13th Annual St. Ignatius/GWAC Softball Tournament
  • The Entry Fee is $60 per team
  • Teams must sign up by May 6th
  • Tournament will consist of one-and-out bracket play at each level
  • Teams will be seeded based on GWAC standings at the time the brackets are formed.  All seeding is at the discretion of the tournament organizers. 
  • 7th-8th Grade tournament will be played primarily on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays May 23rd-June 4th  
  • 1st-6th Grade tournaments will be played June 3rd-June 8th 
  • The tournaments could go past June 8th due to rainouts
  • If two teams combine, all players from both teams should be offered a spot on the combined team.


Registrations closed May 6th.  Please contact the coordinators with any questions or changes. 

Tournament Website - Exposure Link

Click blue box below to go to the Exposure Tournament link with schedules. 


1st/2nd Grade

  • There will be a neutral Field Monitor. This will likely consist of a high school-aged student so please be respectful.
  • Follow GWAC rules, except in the tournament the use of a tee is prohibited, “There are no called balls or strikes, and no walks are permitted. A batter who receives the maximum number of pitches (7) without striking out (4 Strikes) or being put out by the defensive team will be declared out. A foul tip does not count as a strike but does count in the pitch count. A batter can foul off the 4th swinging strike and continue hitting until she reaches her 7th pitch. A batter can foul off the 7th pitch unlimited times”.This rule is to be followed, no pregame coach agreements to alter the rules
  • Coach pitch distance needs to be near the designated 30 feet distance
  • An inning is not to start after 60 minutes of play.
  • A parent/coach/adult shall be present near the backstop to help the catcher retrieve the ball and get it back to the pitcher. This will speed up the game.
  • 10 batters or 3 outs an inning.
  • Advancement is still one base at time unless a girl hits a real legitimate double in the gap, whereas she can be on second before the outfielder gets to the ball.

3rd – 8th Grade Divisions

  • Follow GWAC general rules.
  • Game will last 90 minutes. An inning cannot start after 90-minute time limit.
  • In between inning warmups will consist of 5 warmup pitches for the pitcher, no infield. This will get more time for play and actual innings in the game. Please try to get catchers ready as fast as possible and the courtesy runner rule can apply for catchers if needed.

St. Ignatius Families - Volunteers

Click link below for Field Monitor and Umpire sign up. 



  • Softball tournament for girls in 1st through 8th grade
  • Over 450 families will attend the event from teams within GWAC
  • Games on five fields with most games being played June 7th - June 10th across five fields, all at St. Ignatius
  • Wonderful opportunity to create exposure and drive consumers to your business
  • Click blue box below to purchase a sponsorship


  • Platinum for $1000 
    • Exclusive sponsor for tournament name 
    • Name advertised on displayed sponsorship banner at concession stand
    • Name advertised on website/app with updated brackets
  •  Gold for $500
    • Exclusive sponsor for tournament banner on a field visible to all attendees
    • 3x5 Banner with name and logo displayed on fence for 7th/8th grade field
    • Name advertised and displayed on sponsorship banner at concession stand
    • Name advertised on website with updated brackets 
  • Silver for $250
    • Name and logo advertised on 3x5 banner outfield fence 7th/8th grade field
    • Name advertised on website with updated brackets
  • Bronze for $125 Name advertised on website with updated brackets



Contact Chris at 513-312-9859 or with questions.