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SportsEngine App

St. Ignatius will be utilizing the SportsEngine app for all sports this year.   The app will allow coaches and parents to communicate via chat, share the schedule, RSVP for games and practices, sync up with your preferred calendar, and more.   By consolidating on one app across all sports and teams, parents will have ONE place to look for information for all kids in St. Ignatius sports, rather than multiple apps, emails, or group texts for each child for each sport.   

Teams and rosters are created by the Athletic Association, so parents and coaches do not need to do anything to set up or join a team.  The profile of the athlete that is created during registration is added to the team, and any parents/guardians tied to that profile will see the team.  Parents are not added separately, and can only be added by being a Guardian on their child's account.  Any active team your child is on will automatically show up on your app when the season begins.  You should not search for teams, add players, or invite others, as that will not add the existing member profile from the St. Ignatius directory and could result in duplicate accounts or other issues.  If you do not see the team, or for any issues or questions, contact 

See sections below for instructions for parents, fans, and coaches, respectively. 


It is the parent's responsibility to ensure the profile and settings are correct, and to RSVP on the app for ALL games and practices.  If you need support, please contact

1. Download SportsEngine app on your mobile device.
2. Login using same credentials you used when logging in during registration.  Your active teams will automatically show up. 
3. By default, each child will initially have ONE guardian tied to his/her master account (the parent who registered for the sport, regardless of whether additional parent contact info was provided on the registration).  Add an additional parent(s) to your profile by following instructions below on adding a guardian.  If you have added guardians to the master account in previous seasons, you will not have to do this again. 
4. Enable notifications to ensure you don't miss important team updates. 
5. Once this is set up, you will not have to set up again for future sports. 

*If you do not see your child's team, have the parent who registered for the sport ADD YOU AS A GUARDIAN/PARENT by following the steps below.
**If one parent registered for fall sports, and a different parent registered for winter sports, you may have duplicate profiles.  In this case, simply "add guardians" to each account using the steps below. 

If a parent cannot see the team, ONLY THE PARENT ON THE CHILD'S ACCOUNT CAN ADD THEM!  Coaches, admins, coordinators cannot add another parent!  The parent needs to be attached/associated with the child's profile.  For privacy and safety reasons, this can only be done by the parent.  Follow the steps below. 
1. The parent who registered the child for the sport (or the parent who can see the team on the app) should open the Sports Engine app on a mobile device
2. Choose "Account" in the lower right-hand corner
3. Click on your child's name
4. Click the "Guardian" button in the lower right-hand corner
5. Choose "Add Guardian"
6. Toggle for which children this applies to and enter the email address to send the invitation.  Choose "save"
7. The additional parent will receive an invitation via email
****NOTE**** Coaches cannot add an additional email address to a team.  Only the parent on the master account of the child has the ability to add an additional parent to the child's profile.  Follow steps above or contact for assistance. 

Once set up, parents will not need to redo any of the steps above.  Future teams that your child/children are rostered on will automatically show up when you open the app once the season begins.  The exception is if a child is registered for the sport using an account with a different email address, such as from a second parent.  In that case, additional guardians may need to be added.  Follow steps above to add guardians. 

***If you have a child that is new to St. Ignatius athletics in the FALL of 2023 (such as an incoming Kindergarten student) as well as older kids that utilized the app last year, you may have to add a guardian for the new child. 

In addition to using the app, parents can also manage the account, view schedule, and more by logging into  Login and choose SportsEngineHQ to manage your teams and account. 

1. Click "Schedule" on the menu at the bottom of the app
2. Click the calendar icon with an arrow in the top right corner of the screen
3. Select your calendar and follow prompts


Coaches are expected to use the app and keep the schedule up to date and accurate.

If you do not automatically see your team when you open the Sports Engine app on your phone, or if you need to adjust the roster, please contact  Do not search for the team, create a team, or ask another coach to add you, as this will not give you access to the full function of the app or access to the existing St. Ignatius member directory.  You must be loaded as "staff/coach" by the Athletic Association only. 

Alternatively, complete the Coach Registration link to have a profile created, and you will be added to your team shortly after. (Link: Welcome | 2022 Coaches Registration | Saint Ignatius Athletic Association ( ) Do not forget to have the initial parent who registered your child add you as a guardian so you will be associated with your child's account moving forward. 

Coaches can schedule events on the app, or on a computer using Team Center:

  • Once a coach is logged into, click SportsEngineHQ, then  "My Organizations" in the upper right corner as a drop-down menu. 
  • Underneath "My Teams" should be any team on which the coach is loaded as a manager. 
  • Click on the team's name, and it will bring them to the Team Center. 
  • The Schedule tab is on the left. 

Coaches should not invite or add others or adjust the team roster in any way.  Coaches cannot access the existing member directory, and attempting to add others can lead to duplicate accounts and other issues.  Contact with any requests. 

NOTE: After each season, teams are muted/turned off in an effort to keep the app cleaned up for future seasons.  Teams can be reinstated with the click of a button from the Athletic Association.  If you'd like a former team turned back on, please contact 

Coaches can keep score on the app during a game:
- Open the app on a phone.  Go to Schedule, and open the game
- Click the blue pencil icon on the bottom right side of the screen 
- Choose "Score Game"


Requests to add teams

To inquire about adding another group or non-school sanctioned team using the existing player/member account list, contact  Info needed:  team name, player first and last name, coach first and last names, coach email address


Please don't hesitate to contact with any questions or issues.